Jarrod and Stephanie met at a University Games Club a decade ago and have been inseparable (and insufferable) ever since. When they’re not trying to stop Cthulhu from overrunning the township of Arkham, they like to make videos about board games.

We saw a lot of people doing great reviews and detailed in-depth videos about board games, but we also noticed no one was doing short concise summaries of games. The sort of video you can watch for 3 minutes to see if a game might interest you.

Three Minute Board Games is an effort to make that content. For when you need a quick overview, when you’re trying to get your friends interested in it, or for local games stores to help customers decide if a game’s for them.

Jarrod is the voice behind 3MBG and has been gaming since 1987, starting with Fighting Fantasy books. He started his first games club at age 11, teaching other kids how to play Battletech, Blood Bowl and other games. His favourite games are Spirit Island, Terraforming Mars and Star Wars Rebellion, and he’s currently designing a COIN game based on Mars 250 years in the future.

Stephanie is the artist behind 3MBG and is responsible for all the graphics and video effects. She also started gaming at age 11 with a white/blue M:TG deck and co-op Diablo. Her favourite games are Obsession, Arkham Horror 2nd Edition and Bloc by Bloc: The Insurrection Game.

For something completely different, check out Stephanie’s reviews of ridiculous romance novels at Op Shop Romance.

What People Say

When I saw the format in one of the earliest videos, I jumped at the chance to send some of our games to Jarrod and Stephanie. Their ability to fit the key aspects of a game into a 3 minute video is impressive.

A J Porfirio, Van Ryder Games

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