Awesome folk

It’s all about community, innit?

Board Game Atlas

Our lovely sponsors and the fastest-growing boardgame community in the world!

Calvin Wong Tze Loon

A funny guy, great games writer and clearly the real star of Crazy Rich Asians. After Michelle Yeoh.

Cardboard Herald

Not just because he interviewed J, but also because he’s good people.

Dan Thurot (SpaceBiff)

Amazing written boardgame reviews.

The Dragon’s Tomb

These videos are not intended for educational purposes.

Ella Loves Boardgames

Queen of board game Instagram, and so organised she has all her own links in one convenient place.

Gaming Rules!

The hardest-working guy in board game media.

Jaime Duarte Duart

Truly the Kate Bush of board game reviews. Start with his Terraforming Mars masterpiece.

Matt Thrower

Another exceptional review writer.

Meeple Like Us

Doing invaluable work highlighting accessibility in board games.


This man makes a hell of a video.

Rahdo Runs Through…

The most enthusiastic playthroughs in the business. Maybe TOO enthusiastic.

Meeple University

Also more organised than us at this whole linking game.

Watch It Played