34 Gold Medal games – And why we have gold medal games.

So each of these games are ones I stand by with, based on the criteria outlined in the video. You will notice some games I like aren’t on the list. This is either because we haven’t covered them, or for other reasons. Due to drama avoidance, i won’t go into huge details over why a certain game didn’t make it. But I will give some example. Architects and Paladins are both on the list, Viscounts & Raiders are not. I think Viscounts and raiders are both good games, but I don’t rate them as highly as Paladins. Everdell is not on there due to a lot of comments and messages I have received from people about the owner of the publisher. I’ve still reviewed the game, and do like it, but based on that feedback, i didn’t feel comfortable giving the award to everdell, or black orchestra, both of which are games i have reviewed and covered in depth. I hope that makes things a bit clearer for anyone watching this.

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