Dinosaur Island in about 3 minutes

Designer,Jonathan Gilmour, Brian Lewis,
Artist, Kwanchai Moriya, Peter Wocken, Anthony Wocken,
Publisher,Pandasaurus Games

BGG Entry: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/221194/dinosaur-island

What to say more about dinosaur island. I think the comment i make at the end, that its not as deep as it looks like it should be is important. This is very much a medium euro with a big foot print. Theres also a few things i didn’t like mechanically, such as the small carnivores being a very poor return on investment compared to the other dinosaur types, and an overall lack of feeling like the dinos had character. Still, a pretty good game i’d be happy to play more, but not the instant classic many said it was on release, at least not to me

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