Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion in about 3 minutes

Designer, Isaac Childres,
Artist, Francesca Baerald, David Demaret, Alexandr Elichev, Jason D. Kingsley, Josh T. McDowell,
Publisher, Cephalofair Games

I think Jaws of the Lion is genius. Gloomhavens biggest issue is its scale, scope and learning curve. Now that scale and scope is also one of its great strengths, but its intimidating. I think the idea of making a more accessible, affordable Gloomhaven is one of the smartest moves in board gaming since Games Workshop and MB decided the make Heroquest and get the D&D dungeon crawling experience in toy stores. The card driven combat which i love is still in the game, and really its just shorter gloomhaven with a tutorial. Which is exactly what was needed.

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